1000 bioluminescent floating leaves

Obon | Miya Ando’s installation of 1000 bioluminescent floating leaves by Johnny

Miya Ando recently traveled to Puerto Rico where she floated 1000 resin and (non-toxic) phosphorescence-coated leaves in a small pond. During the day the phosphorescence collected and absorbed energy from sunlight, giving them a soft, blue glow at night. Using indigenous Ficus leaves to create small boats, the ephemeral 24-hour installation pays homage to the history of boat travel and refugees in the country. But it also mimics Puerto Rico’s natural phenomenon of bioluminescent bays, which are full of single-celled bioluminescent 



Моя фотография
すきなもの うつくしいもの きれいなものを 傍に置くように 音で表現するように (Леф=Left Front of the Arts)